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  • Prior job experience in any field
  • Military training
  • Previous educational achievements
  • Employer-sponsored training and attendance of workshops
  • Participation in organizations, both professional and nonprofessional
  • Personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies and traveling
  • Participation in Voluntary activities and Community Service
  • Independent reading, viewing, listening, or writing

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Your instant degrees will be as traditional as any other regular degree. You need not worry about your degree being rejected as it is 100% legal and will be valued and accepted anywhere in the world.

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The accredited life experience degree that is awarded by Instant Degrees with a global client base can be used by a job seeker irrespective of the geographical location of the degree holder. We are properly accredited online institution that have been mandated by internationally recognized accreditation boards do accept applications for life experience degrees from applicants across the world.

We have signed memorandum of understanding with internationally acclaimed courier companies to ensure that your life experience college degree postal package arrives in one piece and on time too.

This arrangement has been necessitated by the fact that institutions that award these degrees do pride themselves with the ability to assess and deliver a life experience degree to the qualified individual within a one week time frame.

As a Life experience degree accredited institution, we have an obligation to ensure that these degrees are awarded to people who have distinguished themselves in their area of endeavor. This ensures that the life experience college degree maintains the same high standards that have made it a popular choice for employers who are looking to fill their work places with experienced professionals.

Advantage of the Life Experience Degree Program

A major advantage of our life experience degree program is its ability to award college credit for life experience. It does not matter whether you are seeking to use your life experience to obtain an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s or doctorate degrees, the institution will collect personal as well as professional information from you and based on the quantum of knowledge you have, our prior assessment will decide whether you meet the minimum requirement for the award of the degree.

This is the main reason why life experience degrees accredited universities have to convert the knowledge attained by the individual into its academic equivalent.

Once successful, the online life experience degree package that will be mailed to you by the university will include upon request, a transcript of courses taken and the grades obtained for these courses. It is important to note that the courses and the grades that will be presented on the transcript will be based on your chosen major.

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When you buy a university degree from Instant Life Experience Degrees Online, you receive a complete degree package consisting of 10 documents. Along with your instant degree, you also get the following free documents:

  • 1 Certificate of Membership
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  • 4 Education Verification Letters

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